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Inanna – Samhain-Camp

Inanna – Samhain-Camp

Datum: 24.10. – 31.10.2015
Ort: Seminarhaus Sternschnuppe Oldenbüttel

Taking up the thread from Merlin-Camp 2014, we invite you to join us in further community as well as apprentice adventures.

Our camp will hold space to discover your skills, to practise, to learn and grow, to listen, to drum, to be still and take action. We will offer a wide variety of teachings around ritual-arts and Reclaiming-Magic.

Prerequiste: Elements of Magic

Willow Kelly and Cassandra will facilitated this samhain-camp.
(Feel free to click on the left side or under Mystery School for further informations .)


The tuition fee covers the whole week, including accommodatian in shared rooms and full board.

Regular fee: 695 €.
Early bird discount: 630 €

Please transfer the fee as soon as possible so we can cover the first camp expenses – like flight-costs.

The early bird discount is valid until Brigid (February 2nd 2015).
Take a friend to camp and find the early bird out till Beltane 2015.

Because our camp spaces are limited, spaces will be allocated by order of payment.

Ask for the registration-form to find refund policy and bankdetails.

Contact: Seminarhaus Sternschnuppe