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Rapture of the Star Goddess: Sex, Death, and Ecstasy

The universe was and is created in a moment of ecstasy. The Star Goddess gives birth to form on the waves of her pleasure. These forms polarize, unify, and give birth to many other forms, as she experiences union.

Using the creation myth as our map, we will explore the faces of the Goddess and the Twins and the ecstatic states they offer us. We will map the journey of the spirit as we traverse the otherworld in pursuit of understanding, alignment, and deep magic.

Join us for a multi-day exploration of Feri magic, ritual, art, and community. Initiate-teachers Anaar and Storm Faerywolf, will bring their skill and knowledge of the tradition all the way from the United States.


Wann:  23.08. – 27.08.2017

Wo: Sternschnuppe Mysterien Schule

Dorfstraße 1, 25557 Oldenbüttel